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IIIIK INTO  @ Helsinki Design Week 2018

Pop in to the world of innovative creation and see our latest vibrant contract textile collection

 @ HDW2018 IIIIK & FRIENDS on the road party!

The core of IIIIK collection comes from the combination of carefully selected fire retardant materials and experimental, functional design which creates a new exclusive wave for public interiors as curtains, upholstery, wallpaper, blankets & carpets.

IIIIK flame retardant contract collection is specialized in marine, hotel, restaurant and health care interior fabric solutions.  


The collection reflects our commitment to explore the use of textiles: new combinations of materials and innovative techniques create unique, sustainable & functional aesthetics. From the collection You will find the whole evolutionary concept for the interiors: from curtains to wallpaper, upholstery and flooring. The collection is a mixture of both enthusiastic rural and exclusive urban -new commercial but still artisan way to create intensive interiors.

​​IIIIK collection  ombines new meanings and methods with old craft traditions without forgetting the significance of global commerce. All the products are made in Europe by people who love and respect their work and with delicately selected, fire retardant,  high quality materials so all the products are suitable also for public interiors. We have possibility to show the product creation from the selection of yarns to a finished product. That also allows us to create customized solutions for our clientele.


Our work was noticed also by MoOD: we won the the BLUE DROP AWARD during the MoOD FAIR with fabric called VAUHTI

[fin. vauhti = SPEED]. VAUHTI had the most EPIC award. By jury: “This fabric is made by weaving and has a look of glamourous and robust. Epic is slang for awesome and cool, amazing and sweet. Perhaps also for the epic fail, the badass, the crazy and pwn. But most of all EPIC is about a fantastic experience and a good story. The Epic is playful, it has sense of humour and it’s important part of customer experience.”



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